Aid for Ukraine

How You Can Help

Our hearts ache for the war-torn nation of Ukraine and for the displaced refugees in Poland and other neighboring countries. You can help by lifting our ministry partners in prayer, and by giving financially to support these specific initiatives.

We can accept gifts for Ukraine aid in the form of cash or check donations; unfortunately, online giving for the Ukrainian relief effort is not available at this time. If you choose to give financially, please make checks payable to The Chapel. The memo line must be blank on all checks.

All funds received for Ukraine will be directed to one of two ministry partners:

  1. Pioneers Missions | An Eastern-European humanitarian relief organization, where two of our Chapel-supported missionary families are partnered and are working in Poland to aid Ukrainian refugees

  2. Burnham Ministries International | A global evangelistic outreach ministry, founded by David Burnham and now led by his son, Jonathan Burnham, working to empower the global church to care for ongoing and rebuilding needs in Ukraine

Ways to Give

Special Offering

Use a "Special Offering" envelope, available at each Welcome Desk, to designate that your gift is intended for  Ukraine aid. Place your donation for Ukraine in any of our metal offering receptacles, near each entrance to our Worship Center. 

Mailed Checks

Mail your financial gift to:

Help for Ukraine
The Chapel
135 Fir Hill
Akron, OH 44304

How We Are Helping

Burnham Ministries International
Amber & Edward Walthew
Craig & Carol Rucin
Summit Missions International

Burnham Ministries International

Update on June 15, 2022: "My name is Dmitry Gerasimenko. I am the pastor of Bright Valley Church (also known as the Red Church). I would like to express a profound gratitude for the financial aid we have received from The Chapel and to share about the ministry of our church. During the war we decided not to host people in our church building and to provide meals only to those who
come to serve as volunteers in the distribution of humanitarian aid. Our church serves up to 50 hot meals per day. Most of the people are our church members who serve as volunteers, but we never turn away those in need of a meal. Our volunteers create food packages and take them to the needy in the city of Kharkiv and to the nearby towns and villages. There is a great need for food supplies in the villages because they are located too far for the reach of any aid from the government. We also take food packages to the villages which are being freed from under the Russian occupation. We serve in several nearby schools, hospitals and bomb shelters as well. As a rule, we deliver up to 1,000 food packages per day.
We also help people with medication. There are several members of our church who moved to Western Ukraine that buy meds in local pharmacies and mail them to Kharkiv, where there is a shortage of medication. When the war began, pharmacies were empty and had to shut down. In addition to medications, our church uses the funds to purchase hygiene supplies and basic food items.
When we distribute packages we always share the gospel. We explain to people that we are not giving out the aid from the government, but from a local church. This is a good testimony not by word but by deed. Many people have testified it was the first time they got to know real Christians. Many now come to church for spiritual conversations and because they see the hope that us Christians hold onto. There have been around 150 new, non-Christians who have been attending our church every Sunday!

We are very grateful to every person who has sacrificed financially to help support the people in Kharkiv at such a difficult time. We distribute your aid to help the people in need. Many people have lost their jobs and means to exist. Any little gift of food, medicine, hygiene supplies or clothes is extremely valuable to them. This aid is a testimony that God acts through His church all over the world and people of different nationalities are true brothers and sisters for each other through the mercy of God."
Update on June 8, 2022: Here is an overall report on the numbers of people being helped by the nine churches daily:
• Number of churches which received aid from the Chapel – 9
• Names of churches: Good News, Grace, Bethany (White Church), Good Harbor, Osnova (Foundations), Transfiguration (Central), Narrow Way, Christian Life, Bright Valley (Red Church)
• Total number of people taking shelter in the churches in May per day – 265
• Total number of people receiving hot meals in May per day – 630
• Total number of people receiving food packages in May per day – 1225
• Total number of people receiving medication in May per day – 200
• Total number of people being helped by the churches in May per day – 2,320.
Update on June 6, 2022: Bethany Church in Kharkiv, Ukraine became a home for about 40 people who took shelter at the outbreak of the war. The church has been able to relocate most to safer areas of the country while others have taken their place. Today, the church is home to 12 people who receive three hot meals per day. Bethany Church has emphasized housing those who are unable to take care of themselves, the elderly and mothers with little children.
The church continues to meet on Sundays, averaging around 100 people and welcoming many new faces to hear the gospel. After services, those who attend receive food packages. Around 50 families are given additional help each week, personal hygiene items and medication are distributed and New Testaments and other Christian literature are passed out. Members of the congregation continue to witness about Jesus and pray for the needs of people individually. Bethany Church also shares humanitarian relief aid with small congregations, helping them with food packages and medications.

Update on May 13, 2022: Every day, Grace Church provides shelter for a minimum of 45 people. These are the people from the community who are currently living in the church because it is too dangerous to stay in their homes. At least 85 local residents receive three hot meals a day from the church and nearly two dozen food packages are delivered to the community every day. Additional relief efforts include supplying medications, relief packages, distributing New Testaments and continuing to host weekly worship services and nightly prayer meetings.

Pastor Dmitry writes: “When the war began in Ukraine, the Lord opened great opportunities to preach the gospel. Thanks to the financial aid we are receiving from our brothers and sisters from the USA, we can help people in their needs and to tell them about Jesus. We are grateful to everyone who demonstrates love to the people of Ukraine and the community of Kharkiv. May the Lord abundantly bless you for your sacrificial giving. You are helping our local church continue to do God’s work.”


Update on May 3, 2022: All nine churches have received the funds we sent a little over a week ago to continue to assist struggling communities with food, shelter, medical supplies and more. Please continue to pray for the protection of the church and that God would strengthen the church members as they serve in these terrible circumstances. Pastor Vitaliy Sorokun serves with Burnham Ministries and is a pastor at Grace Church in Ukraine; he shares of an unfortunate occurrence that happened last week in Kharkov, where he serves.

Vitaliy writes: "On Wednesday evening around 6pm, two Russian missiles launched from a multiple rocket launcher landed and exploded by our church building. One missile hit a newly constructed residential building, causing significant damage. The other hit the garage complex nearby, causing fire. The pieces of the first missile and the soundwave caused damage to the windows and the roof of the church.

We praise God the people did not get hurt because they were all in the basement when the explosions occurred. This is already the third time missiles landed around the church causing damage. May the Lord protect us. At the same time yesterday, three missiles hit the playground at my apartment building. Once again, hundreds of windows were shattered. Thankfully, as I learned this morning, the windows of my apartment were not damaged. Please, continue to pray for this war to end."


Update on April 21, 2022: The Chapel has provided another $90,000 to Burnham Ministries, to be distributed in $10,000 increments to each of the nine churches previously identified (Grace Church, Central Church, Red Church, White Church, Osnova Church, Good News Church, Good Haven Church, Christian Life Church, and Narrow Way Church).

The funds are being used to provide food and groceries for refugees, meal delivery services, fuel for humanitarian aid trucks, evacuation assistance efforts, critical medications and safety supplies and financial assistance for those who have lost income due to war. Each church incurs costs upwards of $2,500 per week, or $10,000 per month. This latest gift from The Chapel will keep these efforts going in nine locations for another month.


Update on April 6, 2022: The Chapel's latest gift of $20,000 to Burnham Ministries was distributed to 9 churches, which are using the funds to provide relief aid to the believers and other in their communities. At one of the churches called Grace Church in Kharkiv (where Pastor Vitality and Pastor Dmitry serve), they are doing the following:

  • Offering daily shelter to 60+ individuals, including pregnant women, students, and children
  • Preparing 3 hot meals per day for sheltered individuals
  • Providing medication for the community
  • Providing round-trip hospital transportation for a man who requires dialysis treatment multiple times per week, during active shelling
  • Delivering dozens of food packages throughout the community every day (these include a New Testament Bible, 2 pounds of pasta, 4 pounds of grain, 2 pounds of sugar, 3 cans of fish or meat, 1 liter of sunflower oil, 1 pack of mayonnaise, and whatever else is available)


Update on March 29, 2022: There are 63 people living in the basement of our church in Kharkiv as of today. The church provides hot meals, shelter, medication, water, toilets, and heating, and everything is free of charge to the people. The church is also helping 40-60 people in the community daily by visiting them directly, giving them meals and spiritual care. The church spends, on average, $500 per day to provide relief for the people living in the church and those they are visiting. When the humanitarian relief truck comes from the Western Ukraine, the church pays for the fuel, which is at least $1,000.

Several times a week Pastor Dmirty, who is serving in the local church daily, conducts morning prayer services for church members and the people living in the church basement. The people go up from the basement to the main sanctuary. The church members who decide to attend walk to church from the neighboring high-rise buildings under the sound of shelling. Russian troops have been shelling Kharkiv nonstop every day since February 24. According to the new statistics published by our mayor yesterday, almost 2000 high rise apartment buildings, 70 schools, and over 50 kindergartens have been destroyed by Russian troops.

Thank you Chapel Family for your support and love for the church in Ukraine!


Update on March 16, 2022: Today we spoke with a Ukrainian pastor named Vitality, who is with Burnham Ministries, now in western Ukraine. He and his wife had fled from the city Kharkiv, which has been under terrible attacks. He shared that the city no longer looks the same as it once did. It is horrible what has happened to Kharkiv. He also shared at one time the city was being bombed almost 24/7 as he and other families hide in the basement of their church. One of the reason Vitality left to western Ukraine was to see his only daughter who is not in Kharkiv.

Vitality shared that there are a lot of people staying in Ukraine because they fear being a refugee without any home. The church that Vitality pastors is still standing and serving the people in Kharkiv. They have received much humanitarian aid from many places, and he asked for prayers of protection for the church and that the church would be a beacon of hope and love in Jesus’ name to all they serve.

Vitality is a key leader in the Baptist Union in Ukraine helping to support and equip around 2,500 churches. Our support to Burnham Ministries will help care for all those churches in need. There are churches in Ukraine that are not in the direct war zone areas that are in need of resources so that they can be mobilized to help the hurting churches and the people in the most devasted cities (like Kharkiv and Kyiv). 


Update on March 6, 2022: Jonathan Burnham shared with us that the support we raise and give to Burnham Ministries International will go to church care in Ukraine. They are actively working with key church leaders that are still in Ukraine helping to strengthen the Body of Christ. They are strong men and women of God in Ukraine who are filled with Christ’s love to continue to proclaim the Gospel in the midst of the war. Jonathan recalled to us that there are churches that have been established in Kharkov from the support of The Chapel many years ago (in the 1970’s) that are still continuing. They are working to encourage those churches as well as other churches in Ukraine with the support that is gifted from The Chapel

Burnham Ministries International

Ways to Pray

  • Pray that God will provide resources to the churches that are not in active war zones, so that these churches may be mobilized to help those in the most devastated regions.

  • Pray for protection for the church in Ukraine, that God would strengthen the church members and that the church would be a beacon of hope and love in Jesus' name.



A damaged building in Ukraine

A damaged building in Ukraine

Supplies gathered to assist refugees

Supplies gathered to assist refugees

The Walthew Family

Update on May 3, 2022: Edward and Amber Walthew, our Chapel supported missionaries serving in Poland, joined us via Zoom for our Global Prayer meeting this past Sunday. They shared how they are continuing the work of resettling Ukrainian refugees in Poland. It is hard work and there are many logistics that they have to work out to care well for the refugees.

They have found that some of the Ukrainian refugees who have come to Poland feel lost, don't have the means to resettle well and therefore feel that they need to go back to Ukraine. Pioneer missionaries are working hard to prevent this and are trying to care well for the Ukrainians that seek refuge. Edward and Amber shared stories of how God is providing housing and how the funds we have provided are being used to help resettle refugees.


Update on March 11, 2022: More than one million people have crossed the border into Poland since the war began on the 23rd of February. Poles have opened their homes and have organized supplies and many have been overwhelmed by the reception they have received here. Refugees who come across the border receive a hot meal, sanitary and medical supplies, and other important items. 

It feels largely like organized chaos. The Polish government has done a remarkable job setting things up, but the sheer enormity of the situation means the government alone isn't able to handle the needs by themselves. NGOs, other organizations, and individuals have been doing a lot of work to care for refugees. There are even resources going around on FaceBook that provide some basic Ukrainian language help for Poles wanting to communicate with our neighbors. 

For us, it's all been very emotional. One day, we feel completely useless in the face of such need. The next day, we get a phone call asking for help picking people up at the border. Last week, Edward got his second such call. He left at 9:00pm and returned home at 5:00am.

Today, I (Amber) and our teammate, Megan, had a meeting with a local town council member who runs the hotel and sports complex where many of the refugees coming through Kolbuszowa are being housed temporarily. We told him we want to be helpful in any way he sees fit. He told us several ways we might be able to serve and we want to make ourselves available when and if he calls. We will probably be able to fill you in on more details once we know a bit more ourselves. 

Edward has gone on two border runs and, this afternoon after driving to Rzeszow to help the team there, he called me to say, "Beloved, I'm driving some people to Katowice." (Katowice is about three hours away.) Pray for a safe journey home for him and that the Lord will continue to help Edward as he serves through driving. Also, fuel costs about $8 USD per gallon at the moment.


Amber & Edward Walthew

Ways to Pray

  • Pray for our team, especially as fatigue is kicking in. All of us have been involved to one degree or another in what's going on; but our Area Leaders have had people staying in their home most nights since the war began. 



Destruction in Ukraine

Destruction in Ukraine

The Rucins

Update on April 21, 2022:

Missionaries in Poland are helping to shelter and resettle Ukrainian refugee families in new places. The Rucins and others from Pioneers Eastern Humanitarian Relief have located apartments in Poland where they can help refugees resettle. They now require assistance in paying for these apartments so that the Ukrainian refugees would have a safe place to stay without financial worry.

The cost is around $750/month to place one family in one apartment. (This estimate is on the higher side, to account for additional basic needs and resources.) The Chapel has provided $27,000 - enough to house six families for six months.


Update on April 2, 2022:

  • We have transported people from the border and provided tickets for several of them to take a bus or train further into Poland.
  • We have housed and fed over 120 individuals in our home and our church for one or two evenings.
  • We have purchased tires for the vehicle of a man who has been traveling deep into Ukraine to drop off food and supplies and to help provide a way of escape for several individuals.
  • On more than one occasion, we have purchased food and supplies:
    • for orphanages in Ukraine
    • for people still in Ukraine
    • for the refugee center here in Rzeszów
  • We have paid for the printing in both Russian and Ukrainian to produce and distribute a Scripture-based guide on living through trauma.
  • We have paid for the recording of an audio and a video version of the same Scripture-based trauma guide.

Currently, we are looking into the purchase of a vehicle for transporting people and supplies and seeing how we can assist in more permanent housing for refugees who have settled in this area. We are also working on identifying where Ukrainians have settled in this area so that we can either offer them a church home and share the Gospel of Christ with them.

The fund we have created (Pioneers Eastern Humanitarian Relief) is shared by other Pioneers teams in Hungary and other countries that are aiding and housing Ukrainian refugees in other locations as well.


Update on March 6, 2022: As the large influx of Ukrainian Refugees have come to Poland Craig and Carol Rucin, along with other Pioneer Missionaries, are helping to shelter, feed, and minister to as many refugees as they can.

Craig and Carol shared with us via Zoom at our Global Prayer meeting in early March. They said they were housing around 30 refugees in their home right now and are continuing to receive and take care of more. They are truly on the front lines of ministering to the Ukrainian refugees coming into Poland.

Craig & Carol Rucin

Ways to Pray

  • Pray for endurance and strength for all those who are helping the refugees.

  • Pray that the Gospel of Christ would go forth in all that we and our co-laborers are doing to care for refugees. 



A burning building in Ukraine

A burning building in Ukraine

Update from May, 2022: Brock writes, "Now, more than at any time in the history of Summit Missions, we have a huge opportunity to do good to both the family of believers and the unbelievers of Ukraine. Thousands of Ukrainian families have made their way into Transnistria, Moldova, Poland, Slovakia, and other neighboring countries. Most have no idea where they are going or how they will live. Within this vast sea of people are brothers and sisters in Christ—'the household of believers.' As they flee the horrors of war, they carry with them the hope that is found in Christ alone.

Our Summit Missions partners in both Ukraine and Transnistria immediately began assisting refugees. Because of caring friends like you, Summit Missions is sending increased funds to our partners. All relief funds received by the mission are distributed to our partners for relief supplies. Your contributions to the Eastern Europe Relief Fund are touching refugees in the following ways:
1. Practical Help. You are providing food, lodging, transportation, medical supplies, and other essential goods to those who have been displaced by the war. Our partners are serving those who remain inside Ukraine, as well as those arriving in neighboring countries.
2. Spiritual Hope. During this dark and uncertain time, the light of the Gospel shines especially bright. Whether on long car rides or in places of shelter, our partners are offering comfort through prayer and hope through salvation in Christ.
3. Eternal Impact. Your prayers are critical to the mission. Out of this war, with all its destruction and heartbreak, can come new members of the 'family of believers.' Join us in prayer that the refugees will open their hearts and receive Jesus as their personal Savior and Lord.
Amid great physical loss including the death of family members and friends, total loss of homes and possessions, there is great hope."

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