Wednesday Night Bible Classes

New six-week elective Bible classes begin on March 10 at the Akron campus. In addition to the in-person option, classes will be livestreamed for those who prefer to participate online. Classes will also be recorded and posted weekly to the RESOURCES page. Those who register for a class will receive links to the recordings via email each week.

Please note: There is no childcare, elementary or middle school programming on Wednesday nights at the Akron Campus at this time. While attending the classes in person, please wear a mask and observe social distancing.

Classes this term are:

'Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament’
Teacher: Stephen Neumeyer

The Old Testament makes up the vast majority of the Bible and for too long we have ignored it as the strange uncle that every family has but nobody talks about. He’s there, he’s a part of the family, but nobody really knows what to do with him. The Old Testament is the very Word of God and deserves to be treated as such. When we understand the Old, the New will make so much more sense. To more fully understand Jesus and what He accomplished, one must understand the Old Testament. As St. Augustine said, “the New Testament is in the Old concealed; the Old is in the New revealed.” In this class we will look at how to properly read the Old Testament and how doing so helps us to fall in love more deeply with Jesus.


'Gender: God’s Beautiful Design and Modern Confusion'
Teacher: Zac Derr

The Bible has much to say about God’s plan and purposes in creating gender, yet our culture has become increasingly more confused about His beautiful design. This class will examine the Scriptures to better understand and be awed by God’s thoughtful and intricate plan. This will help us to recognize areas of gender confusion and error – both in our culture and in our own thinking. Armed with wisdom and knowledge from His revealed Word, we will be better equipped to align our lives with God’s design and navigate a culture that rejects it. As a result, we will be challenged to worship more fully, to grow in humility and to fulfill our purpose of being salt and light in a world that desperately needs Him.   


‘Let's Learn: Next Level Bible Study - Part 2’
Teacher: Brenda Mitchell

This class is open only to those who have completed 'Let's Learn: Part 1" which began in January. (No new registrations at this time.)

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